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We Refinish in Hours! From old to new within hours!

Our refinishing system works beautifully on: Porcelain bathtubs, sinks, fiberglass shower enclosures, bathroom floors, pedestal sinks, ceramic tile, formica countertops, claw foot tubs, plastic tubs, kitchen cabinets, cultured marble counter tops, imitation marble, metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, vanities, shower-pans, bathroom floors, and various fiberglass and acrylic surfaces. The possibilities are endless.

Our refinishing technique employs technology and Craftsmanship. The technology is in the coating and the application. Our coating bonds at the molecular level (covalent bond) it does not just sit on top. It is not a paint.

Our technicians are craftsmen. Your kitchens and bathrooms are expertly prepared with great care. When we finish the job you wont believe your eyes. It looks brand new!


Texas Tubs And Countertops has been refinishing cabinets for 15 years. Many times a homeowner or apt. complex will ask what can be done with dark, worn out wood or formica cabinets. Refinishing these cabinets to a new (usually lighter) color makes them appear brand new.

This service saves people a lot of money compared to the cost of new cabinets or refacing those cabinets. It also allows the customer to avoid the inconvenience of re-modeling.


Besides the fact that refacing costs on average twice the cost of refinishing, it is also a completely different procedure. When refacing, the existing doors are discarded and replaced with new. The cabinet boxes then receive new formica to match. Your kitchen is usually down for at least a week.

When Texas Tubs And Countertops REFINISHES your cabinets, we use a 2 part epoxy or lacquer finish. This product is the same material we use on our tubs and showers, so it is a very tough, moisture repellent product. We spray your existing doors and cabinet boxes in any color. We repair chips and scratches with a hard bondo filler.

Most kitchens can be completed within 1-2 days. This process works great for bath vanities also.

The result is a smooth (no brush or roller marks) satin finish that will last as long as you own your home.


Protect your love ones and guests. Anti-slip - No Slipping Bath Tub and Shower Treatment Slips and falls on wet surface are a major problem for all types of commercial establishments and homes. No Slipping slip resistant bathtub products help solve these costly problems. It is an invisible chemical treatment that helps prevent slipping for years with only one application. No Slipping Slip Resistant bathtub application has been thoroughly proven in actual use on tens of thousands of tubs in hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities and residence.

Traction Treatment:

  • Perfect for use indoor or outside and in all kinds environmental conditions
  • Is a neat, clean safe process
  • Is very cost effective
  • Only 24 hour curing time
  • Recommended for use in: homes, hotels, nursing homes, schools, medical facilities, restaurants and cafeterias, manufacturing plants, retail stores, Laundromats and any walking surface.

    For use on any:

  • tile floor
  • bathtub and shower
  • pool area
  • stairway
  • smooth concrete, hard mineral surface
  • The Process

    1. Site preparation. Because tub refinishing is messy, we take adequate precautions to ensure dust and overspray from the refinishing process doesn’t reach other parts of the home. This can be accomplished by covering the bathroom with heavy duty plastic or sheeting attached via painters tape.

      Since bathtub refinishing does produce an odor that may irritate home occupants, part of the site prep will include ventilating the area with a fan or exhaust system to keep odors contained to the bathroom or expelled into the outdoors. What odor remains typically dissipates in a few days.
    2. Sanding down the old bathtub finish. The first step towards applying the new finish is removing the old one. The existing finish must be stripped off and then the surface sanded down to create a smooth surface for the new finish to adhere to.
    3. Repairing chips, cracks or imperfections. After stripping and sanding, there may be imperfections such as cracks, chips, rust or weak spots still in the substrate that the new finish will be applied to. All imperfections will be addressed so your new tub finish will go on a quality base.
    4. Primer, new surface and top coat. A primer will be applied to the surface and allowed to dry. Then multiple layers of refinishing coating will be applied, with appropriate drying time allowed between layers. Lastly, a sealing coat is applied to finish the application process.

      It will usually be about two days for the product to set properly before you can use the bathtub.

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